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Hunger Games: Find this Wild Food and You’ll Never Starve

by Todd Walker Two weekends ago I spent two days learning from a walking encyclopedia. Mark Warren operates Medicine Bow, a primitive school of Earthlore, in the north Georgia mountains near Dahlonega. Though I attended his Stalking/Tracking class, Mark’s willingness to veer onto other paths and integrate useful plants in the Eastern Woodlands only enhanced my learning experience. One edible plant […]

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Wood Sorrel: A Vitamin C Rich Wild Food

Crunchy Mama, one of our guest contributors, serves up another wild food you should add to your hunt-gather-eat list. Be sure to check out her bio at the end of the post on how she and her family are doing the stuff! DISCLAIMER: This information is offered for educational purposes only. Do your own due diligence […]

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Wild Food Survival: Can I Eat Those Mother’s Day Flowers?

[Editor’s Note: After Mother’s Day, florists must be taking the day off. So how many of the blooming plants are actually edible? Crunchy Mama (See her full bio below) gives us a detailed analysis of a popular plant that you may have in your yard that’s pretty and nutritious. I hope you enjoy the second […]

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Hunt-Gather-Eat Wild Foods: Ostrich Fern Shoots

Editor’s Note: Today we’re pleased to have a guest post by The Crunchy Mama on eating wild foods. We look forward to further value adding posts by her in the future. Before going out to gather a basket of weeds to eat, make sure you have properly identified the plant before eating. This is a valuable […]

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Foraging Feral Food and Medicinal Plants (Wildcrafting)

Weeds are plants we haven’t found a beneficial use for… yet. Below are a few that are very useful. How to Harvest, Prepare, and Use Yellow Dock Root Medicinally How Cherokees Used Trees of Southern Appalachia for Food, Medicine, and Craft Hunger Games: Find this Wild Food and You’ll Never Starve 27 Survival Uses for Common Mullein Besides […]

Wild Resources: Only a Fool Comes Home Empty Handed!

by Todd Walker I recently took three of my students on a scout through a patch of woods surrounding our school to select a route to simulate the Trail of Tears they were studying. This was nothing close to the tragic event of the Cherokee people being rounded up and forcibly removed from tribal homelands. For our students, […]

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Wilderness Survival: 3 Core Skills to Keep Your Child Alive

by Todd Walker Two roads diverged in a wood… and your child is lost! Hiking and camping season is upon us. Families are hitting the trails to enjoy nature and all its benefits. Nature is neither for you or against you. Nature is neutral. But Mother Nature can also be brutal. Any survival instructor that says otherwise is delusional. Over […]

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Hunt-Gather-Eat: Identifying Plants the Real Food Eats

by Todd Walker At our spring Georgia Bushcraft campout, Chris Noble began his Plant I.D. class with seven wise words written on the white board… “Plants are what the real food eats!” Wild edibles are popular among survivalists and outdoorsy types. Would you survive the learning curve if you were dependent on wild food only? We have several articles parked […]

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How Cherokees Used Trees of Southern Appalachia for Food, Medicine, and Craft

by Todd Walker Foraging wild food requires practice, knowledge, and experience on your landscape. Notice I used the word your land. What you’ve read in books and watched on YouTube may not apply to your locale. While survival principles may never change, self-reliance is local. Many of us are self-taught in skills of wilderness living. However, one way […]

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Stalking: The Lost Art of Getting Close to Wild Animals

by Todd Walker The art of getting close to wild animals has been replaced by high-powered rifles and telephoto lens. Like other lost skills of self-reliance, a revival is in order. One man fanning the primitive fire is Mark Warren. A soft-spoken man, reverence and passion for nature and her bountiful resources flows from his life like […]

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